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I/We whose name and residential address are as above stated hereby affirm that I/We clearly understand this offer based on the information from the marketing materials and questions asked.

Furthermore, I/We acknowledge my/our obligation to pay for my/our subscription(s) as and when due.

I/We also acknowledge the right of the Management of PERFECTION REAL ESTATE INVESTORS CMS LTD to revoke the contract of sale in regard to any Apartment due to me/us in the event that I/We fail or neglect to pay as when due.

I/We certify that the information give above is true and correct.

PLEASE NOTE: While we are not discredting anybody, we strongly advised that cash should be paid to PERFECTION REAL ESTATE INVESTORS CMS LTD designated bank accounts only. Please note that the management of PERFECTION REAL ESTATE INVESTORS CMS LTD accepts no responsibility for any liability that may arise as a result of deviation from the above instruction.

Please note that all payments should be in favour of PERFECTION REAL ESTATE INVESTORS CMS LTD in any of the following: FIRST BANK: 2024334482, FIDELITY BANK: 5210012402, HERITAGE BANK: 5800004305, ZENITH BANK: 1015177499, DIAMOND BANK: 0090912512, IMPERIAL MORTGAGE BANK: 0000131887

Information found to be false may lead to disqualification of this application for allotment.

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